Ken Willes Interactive Designer & Developer

Recent Work

Creative Services at Ideum

An overview of custom software applications developed at Ideum

Multi-Touch Kiosk

Collaborative multi-touch kiosk exhibiting cell biology developed with Unity3D

Tower Films

Flash animation and development for a unique story-driven film company

About Me

I am a visual designer and software engineer rolled into one. Various projects that I have worked on range from websites to immersive interactive experiences. These opportunities have given me insight into how complex systems can come together into a complete experience for the end-user. I have untiring curiosity in learning new things and refining what I already know and practice. Read more...

What others have said

"Ken has an amazing work ethic, pays close attention to detail, and is motivated to provide clients what they need by asking detailed questions about specifics they may not even thought of."
--Dean Scott, Owner of Chrusion | FX

"He has a great combination of creative and technical skills that are ideal for today's hi-tech communication media market. Ken is innovative, hardworking, and stays on top of things in his field"--Ed Guthero, Professor at SAU and owner of Ed Guthero Design.

Strengths Highlight

  • Wide-ranging design skills
  • In-depth programming ability
  • User-centered development approach
  • Works hard to meet deadlines
  • Good team player and leader