Ken Willes Interactive Designer & Developer

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Quick Facts

  • Work-in-progress interactive walkthrough of SAU's campus
  • Collaborative effort involving students and faculty
  • Made with Unity, Lightwave, Google Sketchup

Interactive 3D Campus

The interactive 3D campus of Southern Adventist University was an ambitious project to recreate the University's campus digitally. Each building was modeled by students utilizing Google Sketchup. We used Unity to drive the interaction and render the models. I modeled two of the buildings and helped assist with other supporting tasks in the project. Currently this project is a work-in-progress as it needs more buildings and landscape to make the replication accurate--contact me for an interactive playable.


  • Dean Scott: final 3D model cleanup in LightWave and development of first-person controller
  • Modelers: Gary Homidas, Michael Reynolds, Rochelle Barr, Ken Willes, Natty Cline, Julie Marques, Luis Baltierrez