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Quick facts

  • Simulations were done by interactive media students at SVAD.
  • Each simulation was made with Flash
  • 30-foot long wall 15 feet high with two rear projectors
  • The event showcased sustainability and technology

Interactive Wall at Yuri’s Night

On April 12, 2008, people from around the Bay Area in California came together for Yuri's Night at NASA Ames Research Center for a "celebration of space exploration, and mankind's curiosity, scientific ingenuity, technical achievements, and spirit of collaboration that have made it all possible." This celebration is titled after the first man to space Yuri Gagarin, with a theme of "Radical Technology for a Sustainable Future."

Wave simulationMusical Note Poles

The Interactive Wall followed the event's theme by immersing people in simulations that were reflective of nature's beauty and people's responsibility to the environment. As people walked past the wall, the graphics on the wall would react to the physical location of the person. The note pole simulation would play a chime when a person was directly in front of the pole. In the recycle game, people had to collect falling recyclable items in a bucket to gain points. And my most favorite one was the waves simulation that allowed people to form waves based on the location of the person. It was a really awesome experience to push a huge wave across a 28-foot screen.

The temporary installation of the Interactive Wall for Yuri's Night was made possible with the help of Yuri's NightFLIR Thermal Imaging, Southern Adventist University's Production Company and some of my most talented Interactive Media students.