Ken Willes Interactive Designer & Developer

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Quick Facts

  • First Interactive Wall prototype using lasers and computer vision
  • Interactive wall revealed strong engagement from participants in digital/physical space

Interactive Wall Prototype

This was my first Interactive Wall prototype shown at Southern Adventist University’s School of Visual Art and Design. The graphics were projected from behind the screen inside the School’s art gallery. Laser beams were used with photocell sensors to detect where people were located. When a person intersected the laser beam the computer was notified (eventually it was found that analyzing the laser with a video input source worked better). Stereo monitors were also positioned outside the gallery for sound effects and music that were tied to events on the screen. Various wall simulations were loaded for visitors to play but the most popular was the bucket and ball game.

People immersed themselves in the digital space with quick movements back and forth. There was one girl (pictured on left) that came almost every night the exhibit was open—she especially loved the bucket and ball game where she would race back and forth to catch as many balls as she could. The game would drop red balls down to the floor faster and faster as one advanced from one level to the next.

In 2008, Ken was awarded the AIGA Silver Ten Show award for this innovative work.