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Quick Facts

  • Multi-touch kiosk for exploring cell biology
  • Developed collaboratively with Unity, C#, xtuio, and Cinema4D

Multi-Touch Kiosk

The Biology department wanted to create an engaging kiosk for their origins exhibit that showcased individual components of a human cell. The graphics were modeled and textured in 3D and then imported into Unity for interactive controls.

We used the 3M multi-touch screen in combination with an open source touch server and xtuio library to route touch events from Windows 7. Motion paths were created for points of interest within the cell and at each interest point, information panels appear.

This project involved the following collaborators:

  • Dean Scott (3D modeling and 3D interaction models)
  • Jason Lang (3D modeling)
  • Michael Reynolds (C# programming)
  • Ken Willes (C# programming, touch server integration, project management)