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Quick Facts

  • Flash website for full-service filmmaking company
  • Animation and ActionScript development

What others have said

"Working with Ken has been an absolute pleasure. Not only did he create a beautifully smooth flash site for us, but he partnered with us ahead of time to make sure our ideas would have maximum impact in the digital space. I would be very happy to work with Ken again"--Matt Turk, partner and producer for Tower Films

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Tower Films

Tower Films is a full service Emmy award-winning production company that specializes in visual media communications and documentary filmmaking. Their visual media site was designed by Natalie Ford and I animated and programmed all the features of the website. The homepage has windows that reveal short clips of work Tower Films has done. Airplanes fly in randomly every so often on every page to keep the website alive and active. Each page transitions smoothly in and out with hand-drawn airplanes, windows and informational boxes.